Classic Route Down Wind Brazil

Classic Route Down Wind Brazil

October 1st to 7th, 2017
Number Of Guests:
The trip is limited to 8 clients to insure lots of one-on-one time with the Uncharted Kite Sessions coaches.
$1750 USD
Camp Pro:
Reno Romeu

This October 1st to 7th we're strapping on the adventure pack again and journeying back to the north coast of Brazil to loose ourselves kite surfing along its endless beaches. Our last kite trip to Brazil was an astonishing adventure where we combined two down wind routes, the Classic & the Delta into one giant sailing experience. This year we've separated the routes so that we can take our time and smell the roses a little longer. The Brazilian coastline is a picture of beauty and ruggedness. The Classic route is a 6 day excursion with 4 days of down wind riding. It is the perfect introduction the endless coast. At a length of 260km’s, this trip is an excellent warm up for the more challenging of the Brazilian down wind trips like The Delta that will take place immediately after the Classic Route. We begin our journey in Cumbuco where we have our first session to prepare our body and gear for the trip. We review our following days routes, get familiar with our co-travelers and down wind team, and adapt to the southern hemisphere. We continue down wind until we reach the magical town or Jericoacoara.

Our last kiteboarding trip to Brazil was so fantastic it was featured in The Kite Mag, KiteWorld and Kite Soul Magazines, and this year promises to be even more spectacular. You can read all about the adventures here.

The Brazilian coast from Ceará to Maranhão receives constant daily trade winds, ensuring a high quality sailing experience during the entire wind season. This is the only place on earth to kite surf along hundreds of kilometers of untouched coastline, feeling confident about the wind and water conditions. This is a true adventure, complete with your own professional kite boarding champion guide. The coaches will have the freedom to ride along the group and spend time with every rider. Strategic meeting points are chosen to stop the vehicles to allow us to hydrate our bodies with healthy beverages and food, as well as to freshen up our memory about the sailing ahead.

Join Uncharted Kite Sessions in Brazil for an unbelievable kite surfing experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Package Includes

  • 6 days of coaching from the Uncharted Kite Sessions coaching team and World Kite Boarding League pro rider to be confirmed.
  • 5 nights accommodations at beachfront pousada’s where you kite to the door. Price based on double occupancy.
  • All meals, and transfers during trip.
  • Welcome drinks upon arrival at each hotel.
  • Refreshments, fruit, sandwiches, snacks at all rest stops during the day.
  • Professional guides (Fluent in English, Portuguese, & Spanish)
  • Two 4*4 vehicles on land following with Program & Logistics coordinator.
  • GPS and satellite phone security measures.
  • SOS Emergency Beacon
  • Route completion certificate

Not Included

Airfare, transfers to/from Fortaleza, pre & post trip accommodations, alcohol and extra personal expenses.

Strength Of Wind

The fall season in Brazil is statistically the windiest months of the year with average daily winds ranging around twenty-five knots. Most people ride from six to twelve meter kites depending on weight. The wind is predominantly from the east, as is the swell. But as it is Mother Nature, and she is unpredictable, it is better to have a kite and not need it, than to need a kite and not have it.

Wind & Climate

With an average temperature over 30°C (86°F) in the fall, Brazil sun is very intense. Be sure to bring lots of sunscreen with high UV protection. Zinc is always a good idea. Long sleeve UV protection jerseys are also a good idea. Also bring a water hat that can attach to your clothing. If you are used to riding with sunglasses, it is a good idea to bring them.

Do You Need Your Own Gear?

It is recommended to bring two surf boards, two bars and at least two kites as back up as there are few kite shops along the coast until we get to Jericoacoara. This is extremely important. Be sure to inspect and test all your gear before leaving for the trip to insure that you will not have gear failure while on trip. There is nothing worse than sitting in the truck and missing a session because of broken gear that could have been fixed before leaving.

More Details

Hotel Itinerary
Day 1: Cumbuco / Windtown
Day 2: Guajiru /Vila Vagalume
Day 3: Icaraizinho / Villa Mango
Day 4: Arpoeiras / Pousada Canoas
Day 5: Preá / Rancho do Peixe
Day 6: Check out at noon/ Rancho do Peixe

Classic Route Down Wind Brazil

Daily Program

Day 1: Check-in. Warm up sessions and overnight stay in Cumbuco / Windtown
Day 2: Cumbuco - Guajiru /Vila Vagalume
Day 3: Guajiru - Icaraizinho / Villa Mango
Day 4: Icaraizinho - Arpoeiras / Pousada Canoas
Day 5: Arpoeiras - Preá / Rancho do Peixe
Day 6: Check out at noon/ Rancho do Peixe

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