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Andreas Lagopoulos

Andreas Lagopoulos

"Sharing the ocean with my heroes. Something I’ve always loved doing. I hope you’ll love it too.“

After waking up paralyzed in a hospital bed, I realized a few things. Life is short, health is true wealth, hospitals are not places you want to spend long periods of time, and that I needed to spend the rest of my life on the ocean sharing my passion for kite surfing and travel with similar minded explorers.

Travel is the most enriching thing you can do with your life. The education that you receive from travel is the best education system on the planet, and class begins as soon as the wheels leave the ground. It opens doors to worlds you never knew existed. It allows us to see and meet humans from all walks of life, and it shows us that no matter where we are, our love for travel, adventure and the ocean binds us all together, and we are all the same. I believe there is no better way to experience a country than with a board and a kite.

I hope that by giving passionate kite surfers the opportunity to live and ride with the best kite boarders on the planet at some of the most unique global locations, we can create, experience, and share beautiful adventures, moments in time and in our lives that celebrate the great sport of kite surfing. And hopefully build some lasting friendships along the way. Sharing the ocean with my hero’s; something I’ve always loved doing. I hope you’ll love it too.

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