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Slingshot Sports

Just Ride. We always remember that it’s about the experience and the fun of the ride that matters most. Our mission at Slingshot Sports is to get you geared-up and stoked for your adventures in the great outdoors. To us, getting you out on the water and enjoying the ride is what matters most. Since 1999 Slingshot Sports has been an industry trailblazer; we’ve never shied away from dreaming big, thinking radically and taking risks to create innovative new concepts, many of which have become industry norms over the years.

Slingshot is lucky to have a super talented group of riders, engineers, artists and craftsmen who take seriously and thoroughly enjoy their jobs. We are working tirelessly on our end so you can play tirelessly on yours, and it’s that concept that drives us forward as we approach two decades of designing and perfecting what we take pride in calling the best gear on the market. Our greatest pleasure is in knowing we create products that enrich people’s lives and connect them to nature and the elements. And with that in mind, we say to you, GEAR UP AND ENJOY THE RIDE!

Surfin' Sem Fim

We are a company specialized on organizing kitesurf adventures in Brazil. We have the best guides and athletes to take you along this amazing stretch of coast, eating and sleeping on the best pousadas of the area. Your safety is our priority. We are here to provide all the assistance and support you may need during the trip. A car will follow the group along the route, and our staff is trained on rescues at the sea. We have radios and satellite phones, all to make sure that you will be safe and having the time of your life.

We are proud to say that northern Brazil is the best place in the world for kitesurf crossings. There we have a long coastline, mostly sandy, with side onshore wind every day during the season. There are some nice waves, not big though. There are no long rocky cliffs, and the water is warm, you can kite with only shorts and rash. All that makes it super safe and comfortable for long downwinders. Your only concern will be to kitesurf down the coast. We take care of all the rest for you!

Chickendick Kitewear

Money can’t buy what we have experienced during the last 4 years while building up this brand. We are grateful being part of this awesome sport and community. The passionate and warm-hearted people we met just blew our minds” The Kitesport and especially the community around this sport blew our minds. We met so many kind-hearted people during our journey. We started from scratch with a few to no contacts in the kite scene, but it didn't take long and we became part of this awesome and open minded community. It didn't take long and we took Robinson Hilario under contract who became a good friend.

During the last 4 years we developed our brand with a lot of efforts and invests, but we wouldn't be there where we are right now without all the people around us. For us life is not about I, it's about WE. So we want to take the chance to say THANK YOU to all the great people around us. We still have a long way to go on our journey which just began, but isn't it the interesting part of all that :-).

eXtreme Hotel

eXtreme Hotel is an ecologically sustainable small hotel in the Caribbean and provides its guests with an active, healthy vacation in a positive community.
The solar powered hotel has a beautiful open deck Yoga Loft, a beachfront farm to table restaurant (supplied by its own organic farm), a crossfit style tiki gym, world class kite and surf instruction and a circus school (with flying trapeze and aerial arts).
It’s a good place, you will love it!

Sealane Condos

SEALANE condos at Ocean Dream and Harmony are located on the main beach of Cabarete right next to the village center.
If you are looking for less crowd for learning or as an advanced rider this is where you want to be. For advanced surf riders , the reef right in front of our residences offers the best shape for quality wave riding ( the waves there have the most “throw” to enhance your surf experience and carving , and to make progress . You will surf with usually no more than 10 riders there and the bay is 3 km large so you can easily find wave section all to yourself which is so important when it comes to wave chasing).
For beginners we recommend the main beach Cabarete where you’ll find area on the east side and west side of the bay with perfectly uncrowded butter flat conditions, perfect for progression.
Right in front of our residence you’ll find the widest section of beach with plenty of room to pump up your kite and layout your lines.
Sealane Condos; your home in paradise.

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