Caroline, London
In just a week I feel like I am more efficient with my kite; I can dominate it and now don't let it dominate me, I can handle myself in all types of situations, and I am especially pleased to be able to start think that I am becoming the queen of riding in light winds.
Caroline London
Being able to ride and learn from Kevin Langeree was an unbelievable experience and progressed my riding more in five days than the past year. Not only was the riding and coaching top notch but the dinners after kiteboarding everyday and getting to know everyone on a personal level was an experience all in itself.
I feel like my progression is on fire and everything is within reach. The clinic was amazing and the most valuable thing I've ever done in my kiteboarding life. I highly recommend a trip with Uncharted Kite Sessions to anyone who feels stuck, wants to see a huge boost in their kite skills, or just hang out with some epic pro kiters!
Dennis - New York
An overall exceptional experience! My time with the Uncharted pros has built my confidence level for continued practice & training. I'm looking forward to the next adventure with Uncharted Kite Sessions.
Dennis New York
Jackie - Ottawa
The right way to learn, no cutting corners, improvement guarantee all in a fun environment. Other kite schools appeared to only be about my money. This one actually cared about my progression.
Jackie Ottawa
Karen - San Francisco
I had a great time with Uncharted Kite Sessions. They have extensive knowledge of kiting and are fun and easy to work with. Their intricate knowledge of kiting, racing and coaching background allow them to provide invaluable knowledge.
Karen San Francisco

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