How To Make Your Board Bag Bomb Proof

       How to keep your gear safe when the airlines play toss the surf bag game is the problem of every surfer who travels the world chasing waves? Here’s a solution to that problem.

Kitesurfing Hurricane Irma

It was just past 6 a.m. when the sun began to give light through the thick layer of dark cloud. I could see the ocean out of my bedroom window, and she was angry. Nervous with excitement my girlfriend jumped out of bed, “Irma’s here! Irma’s here!” Irma was indeed here, and the party was just getting started.

Paula Novotna & Colleen Carroll Ladies Only Kite Camp Review

Right from day one it was blowing like stink. After a temperamental winter, the trade winds kicked in full force for our amazing week in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. With world kiteboarding league star Paula Novotna, and Kite Park League champion Colleen Carroll leading the way, it was going to be an epic week of kiteboarding and coaching. With a full group of eight enthusiastic kite chicas, we were set to have an amazing week of kite surfing and creating unbelievable memories.

How To: Toe Side to Heel Side Turn on a Wave


After a private coaching session I always try to write my clients a follow up as a reminder of all the things they learned while riding with me. Sometimes it’s hard to remember all that was said while on the water. I find a written summary is a great way to help the coaching message sink in better, and serves as a great reminder of what to practice. The following breakdown of a toe side to heel side linked turn on a wave is for my friend Elliot who recently had a strapless kitesurf coaching session with me in Cabarete. 

3rd Annual Kevin Langeree Kite Camp in Cabarete

This past summer Kevin Langeree joined forces once again with Uncharted Kite Sessions for our third annual kite camp in Cabarete, on the beautiful island of Hisplaniola. Stepping out of the taxi, seeing Kevin again was like seeing your favorite riding buddy who you haven’t had a session with in far too long.

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