3rd Annual Kevin Langeree Kite Camp in Cabarete

This past summer Kevin Langeree joined forces once again with Uncharted Kite Sessions for our third annual kite camp in Cabarete, on the beautiful island of Hisplaniola. Stepping out of the taxi, seeing Kevin again was like seeing your favorite riding buddy who you haven’t had a session with in far too long.

As it was Kevin’s third tour of kite duty in Cabarete, we settled into our groove like old work mates and prepared for what would be an amazing 5 days with a fantastic group of motivated cool kiters from all over the world. We had clients from Venezuela, Cape Town, NYC, Chicago, Newfoundland and more.
As always Cabarete delivers the goods.  Right from the first session Kevin and myself jumped on the water and begin riding with everyone. Standard on every trip, we ride with our clients and coach right on the water. Correcting and coaching from the first session as our cameraman EyeFly Films captures all the action from his long lens on shore. We make sure to carefully check out the riding technique of everyone and make our first assessments of their skills. Day one is always tough on the ego. Everyone is a kite god in the their own eyes. I’m even guilty of overstating my skills. It’s only when in the presence of true unparalleled atheletism do I realize how much I suck. But realizing I have so much room to improve, and having the opportunity to reach my kite goals through the coaching of a world champion is the reason why we started Uncharted Kite Sessions. Spend time with riders who’ll push your skills, and you’ll achieve your kite dreams. At the end of every kite camp everyone is over the moon with excitement at the new skills they’ve acquired, and the confidence they’ve gained in their riding.
Every day we’d meet for video review under the shade of the Kite Club bar. Pushing back pancakes and fresh mango juice we get to see what our riding style really looks like, not what we think it looks like. Under Kevin’s watchful eye we begin to understand the nuance of kite flying, timing, board position, counterbalance and so much more.  After every video review session we hit the water with vigor eager to put into practice the lesson we just learned from the video review. As always, Kevin and UKS are riding with us, always coaching.

On the 3rd day we were joined by special guest coach Olympian and World Champion sailing legend Michael Gebhardt. Now coach to Olympians and world champions, Gebi gives an advance kite-flying lesson that only a hand full of people on the planet can demonstrate. By the end of the lesson, looping, pivots, luff recovery, reverse launching and so much more are now part of our kite-flying arsenal.

Every day we explore the kiting areas around Cabarete. One of the favorite stops every year is the buttery flat sessions at La Boca. La Boca is where the Yasica River meets the Atlantic Ocean and the river mouth creates the refuge from the crashing ocean waves, but still accesses the strong ocean breeze. There’s nothing like the feel of perfect flat water, twenty knots of wind, and the grip it provides.

Every day ends the same, amazing food and fantastic stories while dining at the best restaurants in Cabarete. Whether the amazing fresh shrimps at Eze Bar, the mouth watering Chursaco at Los Gringos, the rose rouge Magret de Canard at Le Bistro, or the sesame crusted tuna filet at Bliss; every meal was a feast for the pallet and the senses. With travelers from all over the world, the dinner conversation is never dull, and the company is always fascinating.

As always Kevin is a masterful coach and a fantastic dude to spend time with, on and off the water. Join Uncharted Kite Sessions and Kevin Langeree again this July 3rd to 7th for what promises to be another amazing kite camp in the wind capital of the Caribbean Cabarete. For more information please visit

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