Camel Jockey

Now i know why the Indian rail system is the preferred way to travel; they forgot to build roads! 450 kilometers on the national 'highway' took a little more than twelve hours. Oouuff!! Thick fog blanketed the highway out of Delhi. We drove with the flashers on for the first three hours. Then it 'cleared', only to show pot hole strewn roads with a sliver of a lane upon which oncoming cars battle for lane supremacy. Rules of the roads, there are no rules! First one to flinch looses.

Cars and trucks pass each other at will, often forcing oncoming vehicles off the road, or to a complete stop. I'm surprised there aren't more Indian formula one drivers. There's no need for posted speed signs, as the ox, sheep and occasional troop of camels meander across the highway oblivious to oncoming traffic. So speeding is not really an option unless you feel like digging horns out of your grill. When the sun sets, then it becomes a sport! Camels don't come with tail lights. Most things on the highway don't, even the cars.

Upon arriving in bikaner rajasthan, my driver and i promptly celebrated our driving victory with a few glasses on whiskey, and a late night meal. Which in my slightly inebriated state seemed like a great idea. The goat was spicy and delicious, but had his revenge at 4am. So this mornings drive was a bit rough, but a couple of pro-biotic pills and several liters of water helped cure what ailed me. By lunch my kofta was again delicious.

Back to the original plan, veggie veggie veggie. Now the sun has set on the edge of the desert near the Pakistan border. Tonight i'm relaxing and catching up with mail. My hotel is exquisite, made completely of hand carved sandstone. remarkable. I will definitely profit from tonight’s rest as tomorrow i mount a dual humped transport and set off like Lawrence into the desert to spend the change of year under the star filled sky. Time to roll the dice again and find sustenance for tomorrows journey.

Wish me luck!

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