Ganga - India

Sending you energetic vibes from the banks of the Ganges, a special place. I've been here a few days doing yoga and exploring. The banks of the river are mountainous and very peaceful. The town however is another story; a combination of town and ghetto's. i saw a dog chewing on a human foot at the side of the ghats where bodies floated down the river. It took a minute to digest the image. Kids with nothing, sleeping under pieces of tin thrown together as shelter, with the front yard as a bathroom, still smiling big beautiful smiles, saying 'photo photo'. All they want is their photo taken, and maybe 10 rupees.

A mix of chaos, noise, poverty and smiles mixed with serene mountain treks in the wilderness with only wild birds, cows (of course), and monkeys who rumble in the jungle. I walked for hours with a Danish girl through the back streets and was overwhelmed with the images. Too many to absorb. "Kaboom," my brain went... The days are beautifully sunny and warm, but the nights at the foot of the Himalayas are cool to say the least, and the ashram is not heated. I sleep with my tuque on! 7am yoga class on a marble floor with no heat in maybe ten degrees is a wake up call. It makes me miss my hot yoga studio a little ;) Must sign off as the ashram locks the gates soon and I'd hate to spend the night on the streets with the sadhus, mystics and street kids. I don't think i could take that kind of rough.

I'll never under-appreciate a warm home again.

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