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Jalou Langeree Cabarete Pro Series Uncharted Kite SessionsJalou Langeree (23) is top of the world in kitesurfing. She is current world champion wave riding and leads the ladies world-ranking list. Jalou is determined to be the best and stay the best. That's her life. She started as a freestyle kitesurfer on the age of twelve. Winning many international titles has put Jalou on the top of a short list of world-class kitesurfers. In 2011 she got a kick out of riding the waves and started training for the KSP world tour. Her dedication to be the best in that discipline as well did pay off. She trained very intensely for almost a year before she allowed herself to attend the tour. She was immediately selected and became the best of the world at first time! It illustrates the passion with which Jalou sports.

Jalou has set her eyes on Uncharted Kite Sessions and the new concept starting in January 2016, The Cabarete Pro Series. This is a series of kitesurfing adventure clinics continuing through March before taking a break from Cabarete, Dominican Republic to the benefit of other world class destinations for kitesurfing. The Cabarete Pro Series will be hosted by Jalou (Netherland) in January, Sebastian Ribeiro (Brazil) in February and Lewis Crathern (UK) in March. 

Jalou answers some of your questions in this video message:

For more information, click your way thorugh to Cabarete Pro Series page or write us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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