Video - August in Cabarete with Uncharted Kite Sessions

August in Cabarete with Uncharted Kite SessionsIt is almost time to welcome world champion Jalou Langeree to Cabarete and the Uncharted Kite Sessions Cabarete Pro Series. We are preparing and enjoying more than ever the amazing winter conditions of top kite destination Cabarete in the Dominican Republic. Cabarete is known for its consistent wind and year-round wind, and on top of it all, the winter conditions bring you waves! Just to put the cherry on the cake.

The Uncharted Kite Sessions pro coaching clinics are prepared for you who already knows how to kite and stay upwind. You don't need to have an advanced level of tricks up your sleeves, which is why these clinics exist; to teach you. Although, it is an advantage to have made some jumps and know a little bit about it.

Are you worried that this isn't for you?
Don't be! Jalou Langeree and Andreas Lagopolous will take care of you. Through kite flying sessions, video evaluation and one-on-one coaching you will boost your level to unimaginable places that you thought you would need years to get to. Read our testimonials and you will see. The surprise moment is big on all our clinics. This is pro coaching at its best, and we take pride in guiding you to becoming a better kitesurfer with a higher level of knowledge and understanding of the sport.

What do I pay for?
Our Cabarete Pro Series include meals, drinks and logistics, and of course the pro coaching.
We are more than happy to help. More info

Get On It!!!
We'd like to guide you and ride with you.

January11th -15th & 18th - 22nd
Cabarete, Dominican Republic
Unique opportunity to ride with the best in paradise!

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