3rd Annual Kevin Langeree Kite Camp Video

3rd Annual Kevin Langeree Kite Camp Video

In July Uncharted Kite Sessions held it's 3rd annual Kevin Langeree Kite Camp in Cabarete in the beautiful Dominican Republic.
We had 8 enthusiastic riders from all over the world descend on Kite Beach for a fantastic 5 day kite camp with Kevin.
Join Kevin again this July 3rd to 7th, 2017 for the 4th annual trip. As always, it promises to be a fantastic event. For more information please visit:



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  • Youtube Video ID DdWJKnF-Wz0
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    In July Uncharted Kite Sessions held it's 3rd annual Kevin Langeree Kite Camp in Cabarete in the beautiful Dominican Republic. This is the video of the excellent trip that occured.

3rd Annual Kevin Langeree Kite Camp in Cabarete

This past summer Kevin Langeree joined forces once again with Uncharted Kite Sessions for our third annual kite camp in Cabarete, on the beautiful island of Hisplaniola. Stepping out of the taxi, seeing Kevin again was like seeing your favorite riding buddy who you haven’t had a session with in far too long.

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Paula Novotna

Paula Novotna

"I love to see my students progressing! What makes me very happy is when I see the excitement of my students face after learning a new trick! I am looking forward to see YOU on the water soon!"

Paula is one of the best kiteboarders in the Czech Republic and one of the best female kiteboarders in the world.

She was born on 26 December 1992 to a very active family with a passion for sports and has been an athlete since she was a toddler. At five years old, she started gymnastics. A few years later, her athletic repertoire would include track-and-field, orienteering, swimming, snowboarding, and climbing—all increased her overall agility, enhanced her physical strength, and taught her an acute awareness of her orientation in any space. Paula’s parents then introduced her to kiteboarding when she was 14 years old.

Since that time, every weekend, holiday, or any free moment, she traveled with her family to find wind and sun (the Czech Republic isn’t known for either!).

More often than not, her family spent every summer in Lefkada or Rhodes, Greece. There she trained intensely, and it was in these waters that she attempted her first freestyle tricks and acquired a level of skill worthy of professional competition.

Everything changed when Paula graduated from high school in 2012. She has now dedicated herself to full-time kitesurfing career. Three years after her first competitions, she has some serious professional achievements. In 2012 she became the junior freestyle champion, and in 2013 she completed her first year of entire Professional Kiteboard Riders Association [PKRA] World Tour (with competitions across Europe, South America, and Asia) and placed 4th freestyle overall and 2nd in slalom overall. In 2015 Paula faced a serious injury which set her back a little. Paula got back on the board in almost no time with more motivation, dedication and more athletic attitude. In 2015 and 2016 she can be proud of few podium places in the world tour. 

2018 is coming strong, Paula is dedicated and she is ready to give it all!

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  • Home Excerpt Join Paula & Colleen in Cabarete from April 4th to 8th, 2017. Click here for more info.
  • Home Link /destinations/youri-zoon-cabarete-2019
  • Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PaulaNovotna.kiteboarding
  • Twitter https://twitter.com/paulanovotna
  • Instagram https://www.instagram.com/paulanovotna
  • Website https://vimeo.com/paulanovotna
  • Country Czech Republic
  • Motto “I am very lucky to have a family that travels, kites and does sports like me. Without them I wouldn’t have made it where I am now. Being a professional athlete was one of my dreams… that came true!”
  • Date Of Birth 26/12/92
  • Kiteboarding Since 2007
  • Riding Style Freestyle (powerful and smooth style)
  • Sponsors North Kiteboarding, ION, 69 SLAM, Lifefood
  • Favorite Spot Cabarete
  • Favorite Freestyle Board North Gambler
  • Favourite Wave Board North Pro Surf
  • Favorite Kite North Vegas
  • Achievements

    The European Junior Freesyle Champion 2012

    The European Freestyle Champion 2014

    4th overall PKRA world tour 2013 -  freestyle (Maroko, Germany, Fuerteventura, China, China, Argentina)

    2nd overall PKRA world tour 2013 - slalom (Fuerteventura, China, Argentina)

    5th overall PKRA world tour 2014 -  freestyle (Germany, Spain, Brazil, China)

    5th overall VKWC world tour 2015  - freestyle (Maroko, Venezuela, Spain, Fuerteventura, Germany)

    4th overall WKL world tour 2016 - freestyle  (Egypt, France, Dominican republic, Germany, New Caledonia)

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