Founder Coaching Brazil 2022

Founder Coaching Brazil 2022

October & November 2022
Number Of Guests:
Max 3
$400 Per Day
Camp Pro:
Uncharted Founder Andreas Lagopoulos

       This October & November Uncharted Kite Sessions is happy to offer private 1on1 strapless wave coaching and kite foil coaching days in Brazil with Uncharted founder and head coach Andreas Lagopoulos. Book Andreas all to yourself, or share the experience among maximum three friends, and receive personalized coaching from one of the most experienced professional coaches on the planet. With this one on one tailor made coaching program, your skills are guaranteed to skyrocket!
       Do you have a favorite spot you like to ride in Brazil? Do you love riding the punchy shore break waves in Taiba? Do you love challenging your skills by dropping into the outer reef monsters that are available in Paracuru? Do you want to enjoy the endless down winders followed by the buggy in Icaraizinho De Amontada or in Prea? With your choice of these 3 amazing locations in Brazil, you’ll be able to perfect your wave riding and foiling skills through excellent coaching. If you’d like to get coaching somewhere else in Brazil, let us know where you’d like to ride, and we can arrange coaching wherever your heart desires.
       With the amazingly consistent wind in Brazil, we are guaranteed to kite until we drop. This means you are guaranteed to improve. Andreas has been holding kite camps with world champions for almost a decade, absorbing all their secrets that make them incredible in the sport we love. Andreas’ knowledge is unparalleled. With the use of our amazing 2-way bbTalkin bluetooth headsets, all of Andreas’s instructions are crystal clear and understood on the water, in real time over the headsets. This technology alone improves your learning curve exponentially versus any other coaching method. Add world class coaching, and you’re guaranteed to improve.
       Our goal in private coaching is to have you completely understand and dominate your kite flying. We believe that only with advanced kite flying skills can you reach your true kiteboarding potential. We focus on stance and board position. Making sure your base skills are perfect ensures you’ll progress like a champion.
       We also believe in riding with the client, not coaching from shore. Andreas rides and coaches with you as you learn. We follow you on the water to see exactly where you need fine-tuning, and then we show you with perfect examples through our excellent coaching and riding skills where to improve.
       Finally don't take our world for it, please read what our past clients have to say about our coaching experience on our Trip Advisor Reviews.
       If you’re looking to improve your strapless wave riding and foiling skills, reserve a session in Brazil today and get ready to take your kite surfing skills to the next level. See you in Brazil!

Founder Coaching Brazil 2022

Package Includes

    •    Full day of unlimited coaching with Uncharted Kite Sessions founder Andreas Lagopoulos
    •    1 on 1 structured coaching program
    •    bbTalkin 2-way bluetooth headsets during coaching
    •    Guided down winders
    •    Stance & Board Position Evaluation
    •    Advanced kite-flying course
    •    Tech talk on gear and kite technology
    •    Professional photography & video. (On demand)
    •    Demo of Slingshot kite & foil gear

Founder Coaching Brazil 2022

Strength Of Wind

Brazilian spring, being North American fall, are statistically the windiest months of the year with average daily winds ranging around twenty-five plus knots. Most people ride from three to twelve meter kites depending on weight and discipline. The wind is predominantly from the east, as is the swell. But as it is Mother Nature, and she is unpredictable, it is better to have a kite and not need it, than to need a kite and not have it.

Wind & Climate

With an average temperature over 30°C (86°F) in the fall, Brazil sun is very intense. Be sure to bring lots of sunscreen with high UV protection. Zinc is always a good idea. Long sleeve UV protection jerseys are also a good idea. Also bring a water hat that can attach to your clothing. If you are used to riding with sunglasses, it is a good idea to bring them.

Do You Need Your Own Gear?

Yes. UKS will have some Slingshot gear for demo, but in limited quantities.

More Details

Uncharted Kite Sessions focuses on professional instruction on how to improve your kitesurfing and foiling skills; and we also integrate cultural immersion into our adventures. We have video analysis to adjust your stance, kite and board position. We have an advanced kite-flying lesson that teaches you the finer points of kite control. We teach looping, self launching nod landing, luff recovery, and so much more. We use bbTalkin two way blue tooth headsets for on the water coaching so all instructions are clearly understood. And so much more…

Founder Coaching Brazil 2022