Fred Hope Foil Master 2024

Fred Hope Foil Master 2024

April 14th to 20th, 2024
Number Of Guests:
Only 6!
Camp Pro:
Fred Hope

Foiling is the future, and there isn’t a better look into the future than with the incredibly talented Fred Hope. Uncharted Kite Sessions is fantastically excited to join forces once again with Fred for our 4th annual Foil Master Camp this April 2024 for what is guaranteed to be an incredible week of foiling in the crystal blue waters of Cabarete. This April Cabarete will be your home to become a ballet dancer on your foil. Whether wing foil or kite foil, Uncharted and Fred will help you realize your foil goals.
Everything is included in this sublime kiting experience. Uncharted Kite Sessions has a beautiful home in Uncharted Villas on the best property and accommodations on Kite Beach. Uncharted Villas are your own little slice of paradise in Cabarete with your own private bedroom and bath in a luxurious 2000 sq/ft condo. Combined with the spectacular ocean and pool views from the expansive balconies, you’ll have everything you’ll need to help you relax after an amazing day of coaching and foiling with Fred. The pool deck at Uncharted Villas provides a wonderful vantage point to watch the action live. And for our videographer AP Visuals, it is the perfect location to set up their tripod to capture all your highlights for our daily video coaching sessions.
All meals and beverages, including an incredible breakfast, are included in the camp. The food is incredible, catered daily from our in-house private chef. As we are all staying in the same location, meals are quick and easy, and our private chef creates an incredible menu to satiate all our starving kiters during the camp.
We know that no two riders are the same, and every kiter has specific needs based on their riding level. Even though this is a ‘kite clinic’ with multiple riders, each guest receives custom coaching to their individual desires, skills and foiling goals. We ride with each guest one on one to insure tailor made coaching just for you. You’ll ride on the water with Fred always in clear communication via bbTalkin two-way bluetooth headsets. Fred and Uncharted will walk you through step by step any maneuver you want, while explaining it in real time, crystal clear in your ears from the excellent bluetooth technology. Combine the on the water live instruction with the daily video review, your skills are guaranteed to skyrocket.
Cabarete is the hometown for Uncharted Kite Sessions due to its reliable and varied conditions. Our bay is a foilers paradise with flat water on the inside, and foil safe waves over the reef on the outside. Catching waves or mastering your upwind tack, our playground is a foilers dream.
Cabarete this April will be home to one of the best foilers on the planet for an exceptional five day kite camp aiming to improve kite technique for all levels of riders who are passionate about foiling, want to improve their skills, and desire to learn from the best. Join Fred Hope, the most talented foiler in the world to perfect every aspect of your riding.
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Fred Hope Foil Master 2024

Package Includes

    •    6 night accommodations in one of Uncharted Villas massive two bedroom ocean front villas.
    •    5 days of coaching with World Champion Fred Hope and Uncharted Kite Sessions.
    •    Private Chef
    •    All food and drinks.
    •    5 Day structured coaching program.
    •    bbTalkin 2-way bluetooth headsets during coaching.
    •    Advanced kite-flying course.
    •    All local transport during camp.
    •    Guided down winders.
    •    Professional photography & video. We have professional camera crew AP Visuals  joining the camp that will shoot photo and video that will be used in the coaching program. A complete personalized video is available for purchase for $150USD.
    •    Water and snacks between coaching sessions.
    •    Demo of Slingshot kite gear.

About Your Accommodations at Uncharted Villas
    Each guest will enjoy 6 nights accommodation at Uncharted Villas with their own room in a massive two bedroom & two bath beautiful condominium style boutique villa located on Kite Beach. With only a handful of units, this small oceanfront hotel residences offers the convenience of direct beach access for our camp, spacious bedrooms, central air conditioning, spacious living rooms, flat screen televisions, large ocean view balconies that face the open Atlantic ocean, lush gardens, elevators, 24 hour security, and a beachfront pool with breathtaking ocean views that will astound.
    Please check out our selection of gorgeous villas here:



    As always all meals are included as this is very much part of the experience. A lot of information gets passed at meals, and you actually get to know Fred off the water in a more relaxed environment. One of the most enjoyed parts of every camp has been the fantastic food. With a background in fine dining, Uncharted founder Andreas believes amazing food is the best way to cap off an incredible day on the water. Whether the giant bowl of fresh calamari & shrimp; a brilliant tuna tartar; or the sumptuous Angus steak perfectly prepared on the bbq, the food is exquisite, and the friendships that are made while breaking bread last beyond the days of the camp.



Not Included

Personal expenses, local gratuities, personal video, airport transfer and airfare.


Flight Info

To get to Cabarete there are several different flight options.
The best option is Puerto Plata (POP). It is a smaller airport, but there are daily flights from Miami, New York and Europe. It is a 30 minute taxi and flat rate of $40 USD.
The second best option is Santiago (STI). STI is a large city and has more flight options. It is a 90 minute taxi and flat rate of $100 USD. It is a very common option. 
Third option is Juan Bosch (AZS) in Nagua. It is a 2.5 hour drive and a flat rate of $150. Not as many flight options as STI.
Final option is the capital Santo Domingo (SDQ). At 6 million people, they have many direct global arrivals. It is a 3.5/4 hour drive and a $250 flat rate. You literally cross the entire country from south to north.
Uncharted Kite Sessions has a very good driver who can pick you up and drop you at our villas safely. He can retrieve you from any airport you desire to arrive.


Fred Hope Foil Master 2024

Strength Of Wind

April is statistically a great month for wind in Cabarete with average daily winds ranging around twenty knots. Most people ride from six to twelve meter kites depending on weight. But as it is Mother Nature, and she is unpredictable, it is better to have a kite and not need it, than to need a kite and not have it.


Wind & Climate

With an average temperature of 28°C (80°F) in the spring, Cabarete is the perfect choice for this kite camp series as the wind is extremely consistent due its thermal effect. The wind is predominantly from the east, as is the swell. Cabarete is consistently rated as one of the best kite destinations in the world for a reason. With access to excellent flat water oases, beautiful beach breaks, and perfect barrels over the reef, it’s obvious why we chose to make Cabarete our destination choice for our annual camp with Fred. Join Uncharted Kite Sessions and Fred Hope this summer in Cabarete and reach your true foiling potential.


Do You Need Your Own Gear?

Yes. UKS will have some Slingshot gear for demo, but in limited quantities. Water shoes are also a good idea if you're a beginner surfer planning a surf morning at Encuentro.


More Details

Uncharted Kite Sessions focuses on professional instruction on how to improve riding skills, but also integrates cultural immersion into our camps. We have video analysis to adjust your stance, kite and board position. We have an advanced kite-flying lesson that teaches you the finer points of kite control. We teach looping, self launching nod landing, luff recovery, and so much more. We use bbTalkin two way blue tooth headsets for on the water coaching so all instructions are clearly understood.


Fred Hope Foil Master 2024