Hand Tailored Dominican Kitesurfing Adventure

Hand Tailored Dominican Kitesurfing Adventure

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       Do you want to experience the road less traveled in the beautiful Dominican Republic? Do you want to kite secret spots where we’ll be the only ones kiting, and the wind is often 10 knots stronger than in Cabarete on the same day?
Join Uncharted Kite Sessions founder Andreas Lagopoulos for a hand tailored adventure of the stunning north coast from Cabarete to the most western tip of the DR, Monte Cristi. Booked only on demand for any time that suits your travel plans best, this isn’t your ordinary kite holiday. There is no tourist information center where we are going. Most roads aren’t even paved. Local kiters don’t even know the places where we’re kiting. This is a kite surfers dream.
      Custom made for a small group to allow more time for personal one on one coaching, and time to experience the real DR, this trip takes the back roads to kite spots that have been discovered by Andreas over years of exploring the north coast.
Ideally made for a private group of only 4 people, as a small group we are light and mobile, allowing us to venture off along the north coast to find secret perfect kite spots where we will be the only kite surfers for miles around.
Based out of the stunning Cayo Areña, this is the perfect staging point for day trips to pristine beautiful kite settings. Waves, flat water, lagoons, mangroves, remote offshore islands and more await us. Every day we’ll set out via 4*4 along sun burnt back roads to reach secluded beaches where you’ll have private kiting and coaching sessions.
       Our days will be spent exploring the north coast, discovering the best kept secrets in the Dominican Republic. Nights will be spent recounting stories over succulent local cuisine while recovering from a brilliant day of surfing and kiting.
       This trip is meant to be a true adventure. We will be the only riders at most of these hidden gems. We’ll explore the waves of the outer reef of Punta Rucia, the flat water lagoon of Buen Hombre, or the endless beaches of Monte Cristi; with no one around but us to enjoy our amazing sessions. The winter swell is always head high or better, making amazing conditions for strapless kitesurfing as the ocean is forever crystal clear, warm, and inviting. Summer provides guaranteed no stop winds and flatter waters that are perfect for freestyle and big airs. We’ll dine at brilliant little treasures where the food is fresh and delicious. We’ll swig beer with the neighbourhood winos at the Colmado’s. We’ll marvel at the limestone cliffs that perch over the Caribbean. You will see, smell, taste and experience the real Hispañiola.
       We cannot forget the personal coaching. As always you’ll ride on the water with Andreas at all times in clear communication via bbTalkin two-way bluetooth headsets. Andreas will walk you through improvements on your technique while explaining manoeuvres in real time, crystal clear in your ears from the excellent bluetooth technology. The Dominican Republic is home for Uncharted Kite Sessions due to its reliable and varied conditions. The north coast never disappoints, providing amazing conditions for Andreas to personally coach you to your kite dreams, and have a great adventure along the way.
       A variation on a previous version of this fantastic adventure with unbelievable strapless rider Ian Alldredge was the nexus of this idea. Read about the extraordinary secret spots that are the hidden treasures of the Caribbean, and you’ll understand how amazing an adventure this will be. For a detailed retelling of the escapade check out our blog series featuring all the trips events. (https://www.unchartedkitesessions.com/blog)
       If you are looking for more than the average kite trip, this adventure is for you. Stunning pristine empty beaches. Outer reefs with perfect waves. Inner reefs shallows with butter flat water. Picturesque sunsets during exquisite meals. If you want to experience the real Dominican Republic, the sights, sounds and culture, sign up for this Uncharted adventure.

Hand Tailored Dominican Kitesurfing Adventure

Package Includes

Everything is included in this amazing adventure!
•    5 days of coaching with Uncharted Kite Sessions founder Andreas Lagopoulos.
•    All food and drink.
•    5 days coaching program.
•    bbTalkin 2-way bluetooth headsets during coaching.
•    Video review. We use the auto tracking camera system Solo Shot for a professional camera crew joining the camp that will be used in the coaching program.
•    Advanced kite-flying course.
•    All transportation from pick up to drop off in a fully loaded luxury 4*4.
•    Guided down winders.
•    Boat trip to Paradise Island
•    Water and snacks between coaching sessions.
•    Demo of 2020 Slingshot kite gear.

Not Included

Personal expenses, local gratuities, airport transfer (If arriving early or staying late), and airfare.

Hand Tailored Dominican Kitesurfing Adventure

Wind & Climate

       With an average temperature of 30°C (86°F) in the summer, Cabarete is the perfect choice for this kite camp series as the wind is extremely consistent due its thermal effect. The wind is predominantly from the east, as is the swell. Cabarete is consistently rated as one of the best kite destinations in the world for a reason. With access to excellent flat water oases, beautiful beach breaks, and perfect barrels over the reef, it’s obvious why we chose to make Cabarete our destination choice for our annual camp with Youri. Join Uncharted Kite Sessions and Youri Zoon this summer in Cabarete and reach your true kite boarding potential.

Do You Need Your Own Gear?

    Yes. UKS will have some Slingshot gear for demo, but in limited quantities. Water shoes are also a good idea if you're a beginner surfer planning a surf morning at Encuentro.

More Details

       Uncharted Kite Sessions focuses on professional instruction on how to improve riding skills, but also integrates cultural immersion into our camps. We have video analysis to adjust your stance, kite and board position. We have an advanced kite-flying lesson that teaches you the finer points of kite control. We teach looping, self launching nod landing, luff recovery, and so much more. We use bbTalkin two way blue tooth headsets for on the water coaching so all instructions are clearly understood.
       And we cannot fail to mention the fantastic down wind rides along the gorgeous Dominican coast. Join Uncharted Kite Sessions in the Dominican Republic and reach your true kite boarding potential. From morning every day until after dinner you'll ride, eat and learn to be a better kite boarder.

Hand Tailored Dominican Kitesurfing Adventure