How can I reach UKS?

You can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or you can call direct to 829-368-5960

What rider level do you need to be?

If you can stay upwind, that's our minimum. From upwind, to advanced riding, we can coach all levels of riders. Guests think because the camps feature world champions, that you need to be an amazing rider to join the trips. Not at all. Most riders join to improve their base technique with goals of adding a little more hang time and control to their airs, or maybe try their first board off or dark slide. The pros are there to help spot your weaknesses and make you a better kiter. It takes the eye of a champion to be able to coach all levels of kiters.

What is the Uncharted difference I keep hearing about?

We are professional kite coaches that work exclusively with the world best riders providing kite camps and one on one personalized coaching . Every camp features a professional rider who is internationally recognized as one of the premier kite boarders in the world, as well an excellent coach. Our private coaching with Uncharted founder Andreas Lagopoulos will fundamentally change the way you see kiting, and your riding technique. If you want to reach your true kite boarding potential, you must learn from the best coaches in the world. That is us.

Who travels with UKS?

Uncharted Kite Sessions appeals to kite surfers of all ages. Clients come solo, as couples or kite travel partners from all around the world. The one thing they all have in common is that they are all passionate kiters who are serious about reaching their kite goals and want to learn the right way to kite, from the best coaches and riders in the world. The base of our travelers come from the United States, Europe and Canada, we also attract people from Brazil to Australia, Africa and Asia. People choose UKS because they want more than just the ordinary kite vacation. They want to meet amazing like-minded people in a setting that promotes safety, learning and improvement. Many of our clientele are repeat travelers, and a majority of our new clientele joins us at the recommendation of their friends.

How long has UKS been in business and who owns the company?

Uncharted Kite Sessions was founded in 2014 by Andreas Lagopoulos. He is the head coach, and is involved in all aspects of operations.

What do your trip prices include?

  • Accommodation. Depending on the trip, accommodations are provided. In Cabarete accommodations can be provided depending upon level of kite trip package you choose, or you can book your own accommodations separately.
  • Food. Depending on trip location food is included depending on the trip location and package you choose. But for every trip all lunches and dinners. On down wind trips in Brazil, all meals are included.
  • Expertise and coaching by our experienced kite surf coaches.
  • Snacks and beverages between meals.
  • Additional guides and experts from the region to assist on coaching and safety during trips.
  • Van shuttles to support a variety of riding location options.
  • All gratuities at restaurants.
  • Video footage and photography provided for coaching feedback.
  • Access to the newest Slingshot Kite Surfing gear to demo and test.
  • Equipment and experienced guides for stand-up paddling, snorkeling, sailing and dancing.
  • Park and other entry fees.
  • Fares for trains, ferries and other modes of travel.
  • Select coach transfers.
  • Baggage transfers and portage.
  • Uncharted Kite Sessions custom t-shirt
  • Not included: airfare, alcoholic beverages, gratuities for Trip Leaders and personal expenses

What kind of support/coaching can I expect along the way?

Uncharted Kite Sessions prides itself on being one of the best kite surf coaching programs in the word today. Each kite camp is designed around progressing on the previous days growth. By only working with the best riders on the planet, we insure that we have the technical expertise that only the worlds best riders understand. Combined with video and photo analysis, we guarantee to fundamentally change the way you ride, how you understand your kite, and give you the tools you need to reach your kite surfing goals.

How many coaches will be on the trip?

Every trip will have one Uncharted Kite Sessions coach and one of the best riders on the planet as a guest coach. During any trip, UKS will have guest coaches’ help with different aspects based on their expertise.

What kind of shape do I need to be in to join an UKS kite trip?

Only you know your body best. But be prepared for an entire day of kite boarding every day of the trip. This usually adds up to more than 4 hours of kiting per day, plus any theoretical knowledge passed in lessons. For Brazil trips expect 6+ hours of kiting every day. You need to be in shape. We highly recommend one month of exercise preparation before joining any UKS kite camp.

How do you accommodate people with varying riding abilities?

Uncharted Kite Sessions has a detailed list of minimum riding requirements that every client must qualify for in order to join an UKS kite trip. By making sure everyone has a minimum level, we can ensure that everyone on the trip can learn at an equal pace, and most of the information being taught will be relevant to all riding levels.

How long will we be active every day?

Typically our days are full of action. Whether we begin early with a morning SUP or surf session, or end with a sunset kite surf session, the days are full. On our fixed location trips, we usually begin our days at 11am, and are active until after dinner. On adventure trips we begin on the ocean when we ride, and don’t stop until sunset.

What do I do with my electronics and valuables while on trip?

All accommodations provided by UKS are extremely safe, all providing safes in the accommodations for your security.

Are children welcome on UKS kite trips?

Nope. Fourteen years old is the minimum age to attend an Uncharted Kite Sessions kite trip.

Traveling alone? Can I get a private room or do I have a roommate?

All prices are based on double occupancy. If you’re traveling alone and prefer to have a separate room, one can easily be arranged. A small supplemental fee will be added, and will be dependant on the accommodations location and availability.

How far in advance do I need to reserve my seat?

The kite surfing trips seats are sold on a first come, first serve basis. As all trips are limited to 8 guests, they tend to sell out quickly. If you’re serious about joining an Uncharted Kite Sessions kite trip, join as soon as you can.

Can I reserve an Uncharted Kite Sessions trip with a travel agent?

Nope. You can only reserve and confirm your seats through Uncharted Kite Sessions directly.

Are Gratuities included in the trip?

Gratuities are included only for restaurants and hotels provided by Uncharted Kite Sessions.

Do you charge any additional taxes or port fees?

We do not charge any additional taxes or port fees while you are on a Uncharted Kite Sessions trip. However we do not cover any entry or departure fees you may asses on your trip.

Do I need my own gear?

Yes. UKS provides a limited supply of Slingshot kite boarding gear to demo and test, but you need your own equipment.,

What size kites should I bring?

We choose our destinations based on wind consistency. In most locations you will need a 12m kite or smaller, unless you are of large stature. But as Mother Nature can be fickle, it is better to have a kite and not need it than to need a kite and not have it. If you have big kites or small, bring them, as you never know, you may need them.

If I have special dietary needs can they be accommodated?

Yes. Just let UKS know how we can accommodate you and we’ll make sure it gets done.

Travel Insurance

You need to provide your own travel insurance.

Essentials to Bring?

Please see our page regarding Plan Your Trip.You will find everything you need to prepare for your Uncharted Kite Sessions adventure.

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