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Pre Camp Checklist

As you prepare for our amazing kite camp, there are a few things to prepare and things to think about bringing. Here’s a little reminder of things to consider.


TEST YOUR GEAR! We cannot stress this enough. Nothing worse than having this amazing opportunity to learn from one of the best riders in the world, and you’re sitting on the beach watching because of gear failure. We’ve seen it happen.

Take the time to roll out and inspect all your kites, bars, lines, harness, foot straps, everything. Replace anything that looks like it may not last one week of the most stress you’ve ever put on the gear. Tiptop gear will make your world a better place.

Travel Insurance & Passport

Make sure that all your travel documents are up to date and ready for your adventure. Most countries will not let you travel if your passport is within 6 months of expiration. Make sure yours is ready!

Sun Screen & Hat

During any camp, we’ll be outside under the sun all day. At most of our destinations, the sun is intense and can burn fast. We recommend a hat, and 30SPF sunscreen, as you’ll be in the sun all day, every day. Be sure to get a sunscreen that will not burn your eyes when you’re all wet. Ombrelle is an excellent brand for this. Also bringing zinc isn’t a bad idea if it’s been a while since you’ve been in the sun.

Bug Repellent

If you’ve got sweet blood, consider bringing bug repellent as there is the occasional bug in paradise.

First Aid Kit

We’ll be riding hard every day. Bumps and bruises are to be expected. Be sure to bring a small first aid kit to help you clean, disinfect and care for your unexpected scratches. Advil is a good friend to UKS.


Depending on the location, you may need water booties. Always good to have a pair of booties on hand, just in case.

Taxi From Airport?

Let Uncharted Kite Sessions know if you need a taxi from the airport for arrival and/or departure. We’ll make sure that you’ll travel in air-conditioned comfort to your hotel.

Physical Stretching & Conditioning

Prepare your body. We’ll be riding several hours per day, and you’ll be pushing your limits. Start preparing your body now. Start stretching daily and begin loosening up your joints. We guarantee you’ll have no problem falling asleep nights. But if you’re stiff and sore from being not physically prepared, you may have a rough sleep.

These are just a few examples of items to consider before joining an Uncharted Kite Sessions kite surf trip. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions before the trip.

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