Paula Novotna
“I am very lucky to have a family that travels, kites and does sports like me. Without them I wouldn’t have made it where I am now. Being a professional athlete was one of my dreams… that came true!”
Paula Novotna Czech Republic
Youri Zoon
Just have fun man and live your dreams.
Youri Zoon The Netherlands
Kevin Langeree
After 18 years of hard work and high flying, Kevin still gets the same rush every time he launches his kite.
Kevin Langeree The Netherlands
Mitu Monteiro
Mitu was born in Cape Verde in 1983. Since his childhood, he has always revealed a passion for the sea.
Mitu Monteiro
Jalou Langeree
I get a kick out of it, and if I can persuade other women to also activate their bodies, they will be happy as well.
Jalou Langeree The Netherlands
Gisela Pulido
I'm looking forward to meet you guys and spend some productive time in the water!
Gisela Pulido Spain
Sebastian Ribeiro
Sebastian Ribeiro is a complete athlete from Florianopolis, Brazil, involved in the KSP tour.
Sebastian Ribeiro Brazil

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