Alex Neto

Alex Neto
Alex Neto
  • 2009 Brazil National Champion
Date Of Birth:
September 29th, 1993
Kiteboarding Since:
RRD International
Favorite Spot:
Cauipe Lagoon, Cumbuco, Brazil
Favorite Freestyle Board:
RRD Juice V3
Favorite Wave Board:
RRD Salerosa 5’-8”
Favorite Kite:
RRD Obsession Pro MK3

Born in the town of Cumbuco in Ceara on the Brazilian north coast, 11-year-old Alex had the idea to start surfing, and that was the beginning of his water sports career. After witnessing his friends practicing kiteboarding, Alex had dreams of jumping and riding wave while being propelled by a kite.

Alex started kiting in 2007, back then it was very difficult for a young Brazilian to get his own gear for training. Kite life was tough until he received his first LF quiver from the local rep. Alex began his career competing on the European pro tour. By the end of 2009 Alex was the new Brazilian tour junior champion.

In 2011 he competed in his first PKRA event, learning a tremendous amount from the experience by competing against the top kite surfers in the world. These first pro events had a huge positive impact on his career today. After a lot of work, effort and sacrifice on and off the water, today Alex is competing on the VKWC world championship circuit, currently ranked #5 in the world.

When riding freestyle, Alex loves the RRD Obsession Pro, in combination with the Juice 138 or Poison Ltd. These are his weapons of choice. On the days that there is some swell Neto hits the waves with the RRD Religion in combination with my Salerosa 5,8 with the RR pro active carbon medium quad fin set-up. Alex also uses the RRD Thrive harness, and when in Cape Town the Celsius Pro chest zip 4/3 for its comfort, flex and warmth acting like his second skin.

Alex Neto

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