Gisela Pulido

Gisela Pulido
Gisela Pulido
  • 2011/2008/2007 PKRA World Champion
  • 2010 PKRA Waves World Champion
  • 2010 PKRA Freestyle World Champion
  • 2009/2006/2005/2004 KPWT World Champion
  • 2008/2007/2006 Spanish Champion
  • 2005 Gravity Games Gold Medal
  • 2005 Wave Master Champion
  • 2003 European Junior Champion
Date Of Birth:
January 13th, 1994
Music, books, dancing, partying, & magic tricks
Kiteboarding Since:
Riding Style:
Freestyle, technical, & smooth
Best Kiteboarding, Movistar, Red Bull, Nilox, & Baby-G
Favorite Spot:

My name is Gisela Pulido and I was born in Barcelona in the year 1994. My dad has always been really passionate about sports, specially extreme sports and he always taught me how to practice them. I started really young with swimming, biking, surfing, snowboarding, windsurfing. And at the age of 8 years old I started kiting.

Since I was very little I liked to compete so that's why my father took me to some competitions. As soon as I started getting good results my dad and me move to Tarifa, the south of Spain, to be able to train and be professional of this sport. Now we've been living there for 11 years already, achieved 9 World Titles and currently in the battle for the 10th.

I also have my kite center and kite school there, it's called Gisela Pulido Pro Center. It's a really important project for me and my father, because in the future we would like to open more centers around the world. I'm currently studying International Business Management at an online university in Madrid. I'm looking forward to meet you guys and spend some productive time in the water!


Gisela Pulido

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