Jan Marcos Riveras

Jan Marcos Riveras
Jan Marcos Riveras

2003 - 1º Freestyle Junior Dominican Republic.
2007 - 1º Master of the Ocean
2009 - 1º Wave Master World Champion KPWT
2016 - 4º Place Rider of the Year GKA

Dominican Republic / Spain
Cabarete / Tarifa
Kiteboarding Since:
Riding Style:
North, Ion
Favorite Spot:
Encuentro, Dominican Republic
Favorite Wave Board:
North Pro Surf
Favorite Kite:
North Neo

World #4 Jan Marcos Riveras was born and raised in the kite surfing paradise of Cabarete in the Dominican Republic. Cabarete is a beautiful area north of the island, with constant winds and good waves in the Caribbean Sea.
At the tender age of 8 years old Jan Marcos began working on the beach to help his family. While working at the beach, Jan Marcos begins to discover kite surfing, and the the possibilities it can unlock. He admires the other riders in the area and tourists traveling to enjoy the conditions of his hometown.
Thanks to the generosity of these tourists who offer their gear for Jan Marcos to start practicing on the beach, Jan Marcos slowly builds and improves his kite boarding base.
While continuing to work on the beach to help his family, in his spare time continues to practice hard while working with schools, friends and tourists.
Finally a tourist would give Jan Marcos his used quiver in the hopes of seeing his true potential; unaware that this simple gesture would forever change his life. Jan Marcos masters his new skills, quickly becoming one of the best kite surfers in the world today. Highlighting his career so far is becoming Wave World Champion in 2009.
He currently lives and works in Tarifa at Tarifa Wet, where he is the official distributor of North Kiteboarding.

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