Youri Zoon Dominican Adventure 2019

Youri Zoon Dominican Adventure 2019

Making his way back to the warm sunny shores of the Dominican Republic is two-time world champion Youri Zoon for our 3rd annual adventure June 10th to 15th, 2019. In 2018 we held a private trip for a very cool couple. Having a small group with more time for personal one on one coaching was such a fantastic experience that this year we’re taking a variation on that trip, offering a private camp for only 4 people on an adventure along the Dominican north coast. 
As a small group, we are light and mobile, allowing us to venture off along the north coast to find secret perfect kite spots where we will be the only kitesurfers for miles around.
Based out of the stunning Punta Rucia Lodge in Cayo Areña, this is the perfect staging point for day trips to pristine beautiful secret kite spots. Waves, flat water, lagoons, mangroves, remote offshore islands and more await us. Every day we’ll set out via 4*4 along sun burnt back roads to reach secluded beaches where you’ll have private kite coaching sessions from your own world champion. The entire Dominican north coast receives amazing winds all summer, and we know all the secret spots where we’ll be the only kiters for miles around. Stunning pristine empty beaches. Outer reefs with perfect waves breaking. Picturesque sunsets off the infinity pool at the hotel. If you want to experience the real DR, the sights, sounds and culture, don’t miss this adventure. This is truly an uncharted adventure.
As always EyeFly films will be on trip filming every session for our valuable video review every morning, and spectacular images captured by a professional photographer for our scrapbooks and memories.
You’ll ride on the water with Youri always in clear communication via bbTalkin two-way bluetooth headsets. Youri and Uncharted will walk you through step by step any trick you want while explaining it in real time crystal clear in your ears from the excellent bluetooth technology. Combine the on the water live instruction with the daily video review, your skills are guaranteed to skyrocket. 
The Dominican Republic is home for Uncharted Kite Sessions due to its reliable and varied conditions. The north coast in June never disappoints, providing amazing conditions for Youri to personally coach you to your kite dreams.
The Dominican Republic in June 2019 will once again be home to one of the best kiteboarders on the planet for an exceptional five day kite camp aiming to improve kite technique for all levels of riders who are passionate about kite surfing, want to improve their skills, desire to learn from the best, and are looking for a fantastic adventure. Join Youri Zoon, one of the most talented athletes in the world to perfect every aspect of your riding and have an amazing adventure along the way that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Additional Info

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  • Dates June 10th to 15th, 2019
  • Number Of Guests This special trip is limited to 4 guests
  • Price $4299
  • Pro Name Youri Zoon
  • Pro Link /pros/youri-zoon
  • Location Name North Coast Dominican Republic
  • Package Includes

    •    6 nights accommodations at the most luxurious hotels on the north coast. 1 night at Ultravioleta in Cabarete. 5 days at Punta Rucia Lodge in Cayo Areña.
    •    5 days of coaching with World Champion Youri Zoon and Uncharted Kite Sessions.
    •    All food and drinks including alcohol.
    •    5 Day structured coaching program.
    •    bbTalkin 2-way bbluetooth headsets during coaching.
    •    Advanced kite-flying course.
    •    All transport during camp.
    •    2 luxury 4*4’s
    •    Guided down winders.
    •    Professional photography & video. We have professional camera crew EyeFly Films joining the camp that will shoot photo and video that will be used in the coaching program. A complete personalized video is available for purchase for $150USD.
    •    Water and snacks between coaching sessions.
    •    Demo of 2019 Slingshot kite gear.


  • Eating

    All meals are included as this is very much part of the experience. A lot of information gets passed at meals, and you actually get to know Youri off the water in a more relaxed environment. We eat fantastically fresh during the day, and at night we enjoy the best dinning that the north coast has to offer in the amazing restaurant at Punta Rucia Lodge.

  • Not Included

    Local gratuities, airport transfer and airfare.

  • Flight Info

    Puerto Plata Airport (POP)

  • Strength Of Wind

    June is statistically one of the windiest months of the year in the Dominican Republic with average daily winds ranging around twenty plus knots. Most people ride from six to twelve meter kites depending on weight. But as it is Mother Nature, and she is unpredictable, it is better to have a kite and not need it, than to need a kite and not have it.

  • Wind & Climate

    With an average temperature of 30°C (86°F) in the summer, the Dominican north coast is the perfect choice for this kite camp as the wind is extremely consistent due its thermal effect. The wind is predominantly from the east, as is the swell. The Dominican Republic is consistently rated as one of the best kite destinations in the world for a reason. With access to excellent flat water oases, beautiful beach breaks, and perfect barrels over the reef, it’s obvious why we chose to make the Dominican Republic our destination choice for our annual camp with Youri. Join Uncharted Kite Sessions and Youri Zoon this summer in the Dominican Republic and reach your true kite boarding potential.

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  • Gear

    Yes. UKS will have some Slingshot gear for demo, but in limited quantities. Water shoes are also a good idea as we will be exploring hidden beaches and unkown reefs.

  • More Details

    Uncharted Kite Sessions focuses on professional instruction on how to improve riding skills, but also integrates cultural immersion into our camps. We have video analysis to adjust your stance, kite and board position. We have an advanced kite-flying lesson that teaches you the finer points of kite control. We teach looping, self launching nod landing, luff recovery, and so much more. And we use bbTalkin two way blue tooth headsets for on the water coaching so all instrcutions are clearly understood.
    And we cannot fail to mention the fantastic down wind rides along the gorgeous Dominican coast.
    From morning every day until after dinner you'll ride, eat and learn from some of the best riders in the world.
    Join Uncharted Kite Sessions and Youri Zoon next summer in the Dominican Republic and reach your true kite boarding potential.

  • Daily Program

    Day 1: We meet in the entrance of Ultravioleta, make our introductions, load up the 4*4's, and hit the road towards our first secret spot of the week. Within 2 hours we arrive at an amazing beach shadowed by a massive abandoned resort. We hit the water right away, begin assessing your riding, and make improvements right on the water. We’ll also have a professional videographer EyeFly Films on shore for our private video session where all riders are filmed and the video is edited for coaching. A 75 minute drive after our session and we arrive at our fantastic resort Punta Rucia Lodge.
    Day 2: Video review and analysis in the morning, as it will be every morning, followed by afternoon riding sessions to put what was learned in video review into practice. Our 2nd day location is a remote beach accessed by dirt road. With a packed catered lunch, we set up shop on a perfectly picturesque empty beach.
    Day 3: Our 3rd location is the most beautiful crystal blue water beach you have ever seen. Perfect flat water on the inside, deep water waves over the reef, it is paradise. We'll also have an advanced kite-flying lesson focusing on looping, pivoting, stall, inversion recovery, luff recovery, among other things. 
    Day 4: Buen Hombre. Located 75 minutes from Punta Rucia, this kiteboarding heaven lays at the bottom of steep arid mountains where the wind blows with more power than anywhere in the Dominican Repulic. Mangroves growing into the ocean will have you seeing every color of blue in the spectrum.
    Day 5: Island hoping. We take a private speed boat to the Cayos Siete Heramos islands where we'll kitesurf tour the islands in beuitful open ocean and crystal clear waters. In the afternoon we'll do a final review of the week and provide feedback for future development.

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BWS in Dominican Republic ~ Day 5

BWS in Dominican Republic ~ Day 5The sound of the waves crashing on the reef almost sounds like applause. It could explain why I've had a crowd of people cheering me on while surfing in my dreams all week. Thinking that you're waking up to applause is a great way to trick your brain to start the day happy. Outside of hiring a small Asian man to stand beside you as you sleep cheering, waves are a good substitute.

Video - August in Cabarete with Uncharted Kite Sessions

August in Cabarete with Uncharted Kite SessionsIt is almost time to welcome world champion Jalou Langeree to Cabarete and the Uncharted Kite Sessions Cabarete Pro Series. We are preparing and enjoying more than ever the amazing winter conditions of top kite destination Cabarete in the Dominican Republic. Cabarete is known for its consistent wind and year-round wind, and on top of it all, the winter conditions bring you waves! Just to put the cherry on the cake.

Big waves in Cabarete!

Uncharted Kite sessions, Cabarete Pro Series, Eyefly FilmsFor those of you who don't think there are big waves in Cabarete, take a look at this amazing video from local videographer Eyefly Films from just to weeks ago. There's a good reason why we chose the Dominican Republic as the location for the Cabarete Pro Series. The waves are fantastic!

Pro Series message from Jalou Langeree

Jalou Langeree Cabarete Pro Series Uncharted Kite SessionsJalou Langeree (23) is top of the world in kitesurfing. She is current world champion wave riding and leads the ladies world-ranking list. Jalou is determined to be the best and stay the best. That's her life. She started as a freestyle kitesurfer on the age of twelve. Winning many international titles has put Jalou on the top of a short list of world-class kitesurfers. In 2011 she got a kick out of riding the waves and started training for the KSP world tour. Her dedication to be the best in that discipline as well did pay off. She trained very intensely for almost a year before she allowed herself to attend the tour. She was immediately selected and became the best of the world at first time! It illustrates the passion with which Jalou sports.

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