Youri Zoon Summer Kite Camp in Cabarete

Youri Zoon Summer Kite Camp in Cabarete

This past June kiteboarding world champion Youri Zoon descended on Cabarete for what was an amazing week of kite surfing under perfect sunny and windy conditions. With winds over twenty knots every day, Youri and Uncharted Kite Sessions coached a small group of enthusiastic kite boarders to new levels in their riding skills.
As always the food in Cabarete never disappoints, just like the wind. Amazing meals, great conversations, fantastic kiting, an amazing experience all around.
Join Youri June 4th to 8th, 2018 for our 2nd annual kite camp in the Dominican Republic. Reserve your seat today. Find all the information here:

Music: Rodrigo Amarante ~ Tuyo

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Uncharted Brazil Downwind Day 2

Uncharted Kite Sessions Mitu Monteiro Sebastian Ribeiro Brazil kitesurf downwindIt's 1am our 2nd pro Sebastian Ribeiro fresh off his victory at the Brazilian University Surf League championships rolls into my room, exhausted from a weekend of competition. We exchange pleasantries and both collapse into our pillows.

In Brazil the sun rises at 5am, 4 hours before our rider meeting, and I was already awake with giddiness of anticipation for our upcoming day. Finally at 8am Sebastian and I roll out of our beds, and make our way to the breakfast room. Seems we aren't the only ones excited for the day. In fact, we're the last ones to arrive.

Beep! Beep! Brazil!

Uncharted Kite Sessions Mitu Monteiro BrazilThe text message from Lauren reads in a panic, I'm on the plane. We're taking off in thirty minutes, and you're not here!! Where are you?Crap! I'm late. I've fallen asleep in a rocking chair in Terminal D at Miami International, and was in a deep slumber. Half asleep I leap to my feet and start running. Out the terminal doors into the main concourse frantically looking for an airport layout map to hopefully tell me where gate J is located. Just my luck, it's on the complete opposite side of this massive structure called an airport. Run Forrest run!! I'm running so quickly, I actually run past my gate. Two gates later I realize I've gone too far and have to back track. Stumbling up to the gate, it's very obvious that I'm the last one to board, and everyone is waiting for me. Clumsily I pull out my boarding pass and passport, swipe the scanner, and scurry down the on ramp to the waiting 767 eager to leave for Brazil.

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