The Uncharted Experience

Our mission at Uncharted Kite Sessions is to give you the opportunity to live and ride with the best kite surfers in the world, and we take care of every detail along the way. Our goal is to deliver an unbelievable kite surfing to experience, with the best kite surfers on the planet, at the best locations in the world. Places that aren’t listed in travel books, hidden gems you never knew existed.

With complete cultural immersion in the region, our goal is to give you a true uncharted adventure. Moments of revelation on our trips are a regular occurrence. Whether it’s sampling unbelievable local delicacies, enjoying unsurpassed riding locations, or personal achievements in your kite progression, we do our best to unlock your true potential. We take intermediate and advance riders to their true ability.

Everything is included in your Uncharted experience. From arrival until departure, we take care of every detail with precision that only comes with years of experience traveling the world. The best hotels, the most unbelievable meals, exquisite locations, unique experiences. Our passion for travel, adventure and kite surfing insures that we only produce trips that we ourselves would take.

Uncharted Kite Sessions is built on the pure essence of passion and love for the elements, and for kite surfing. We bring passionate kiteboarders together with the champions and hero’s of professional kiteboarding, to the most amazing unexplored kite boarding locations around the world.

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